The Ultimate Guide to becoming a wine expert

IntoVino 7 ay wine guide for beginners
A full guide to take you from novice to expert:
  • A 7-day plan: each day focuses on a specific subject to help break-down the learning and improve your learning outcome.
  • Exercises and quizzes: test your knowledge and challenge your newly acquired skills with some fun exercises and quizzes. Surprise yourself and your friends with how quickly you've progressed!
  • A mix of theory and practice: we've balanced theory with practical exercises to achieve the perfect learning outcome, and keep the process fun and enjoyable 

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What People Are Saying

Neil, 28

“Probably the best way to get into wine. I was amazed how much I learnt in so little time! 

Anna, 31

“Wine had always been intimidating to me - No more! Now I'm the wine geek of the group and am always asked questions by my friends - I'd recommend to anyone! 

What you'll learn

  • Day 1 - Key wine vocabulary: let us demystify the jargon for you, so you can finally understand the wine lingo
  • Day 2 - How to taste wine: tasting wine is one of the key foundations to wine knowledge. We'll teach you our tried-and-tested three steps approach, and turn you into a sommelier.
  • Day 3- Tasting white wine: this day is about putting learning into practice. We'll be tasting a wine together to solidify your learning from day one and two.
  • Day 4 - Tasting red wine: another day of practice, this time tasting and analysing a red wine
  • Day 5 - Key white grape varieties: discover the top four white grape varieties. Learn what to expect from these common wines which will boost your confidence when buying wine
  • Day 6 - Key red grape varieties: a look at the top four red grape varieties, their typical aromas, tasting profiles, and key appellations.
  • Day 7 - Understanding your palate: this is one of the favourite days for many of our wine enthusiasts. Learn to understand your own wine preferences with our in depth test.

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