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Why you need to know Chardonnay

Why Learning About Chardonnay Is The Best Thing You Can Do

When you’re starting out in wine, it’s only normal that you feel a bit lost.

The many thousands of different wines, the different styles, all kinds of different prices.

Of course, it’s not easy.

There’s so much to know about to be at ease with wine… so much to learn about.

But I have a bit of a secret for you.

There are things that you can learn, in very little time, that are going to have huge benefit.

You see there are some varieties that are much more successful than others.

There are about 8 or 9 grape varieties that you’re certain to find in every shop, on every restaurant wine list and you’ll probably have a few examples of each.

Together, these 8 varieties will often represent nearly 80% of the wines on offer.

And if you look at the largest number of wines on offer for a single grape it doesn’t get any bigger than Chardonnay.


Over a 1/3 of the white wines on this restaurant wine list are Chardonnay

Chardonnay is no doubt the world’s most important white grape variety.

It’s a variety that’s behind so many of the wines around the world…

In most places, you’re bound to have Chardonnay from Australia, from the US, from Chile, probably from South Africa and Italy and of course France. All the white Burgundies; all Chardonnay! Chablis; Chardonnay!

The styles of wines it produces can be so vastly varied. They can go from light, delicate and crisp all the way to big, intense, rich and creamy.


Once you know this grape variety and the wines it produces. Once you’ve learned what they’re going to taste like, you’ll be at ease choosing wine wherever you go!

That’s why we decided to create a free mini-course on Chardonnay.. Basically, so that in just 10 minutes, we could help people be at ease with a whole bunch of wines available.


Why you need to learn about Chardonnay

Out of 19 still white wines, 7 are Chardonnays

So that, when you choose a bottle in a restaurant or in a shop, you can be confident that there’s lots of different wines you know, and understand. And you can be sure you’re going to choose a wine you know you’re going to love.

Basically, in just 10 minutes you’ll know practically a third of the wines on any restaurant wine list or shop.

This free mini-course is video based, and is open to anyone wanting to learn about wine.

You’re going to find out about the different styles of Chardonnay, what they taste like, what they go well with in terms of food, what the best examples are and much, much more!

If you’re serious about learning about wine, this is the best 10 minutes’ investment you’ll ever make!

Plus, it’s completely free!

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