Art of Wine Course – What is your wine palate?

Welcome to the Taste your palate test


Understanding your palate is the first step to really start enjoying wine.

Based on decades of scientific studies from people such as R. Fischer, L. Bartoshuk and V. Utermohlen, and their findings regarding the different taster profiles, their sensitivity and their different number of taste papillae, this test has been devised to help profile your palate.

By answering the few questions below, we will be able to calculate your ideal wine profile, and tell you the type of wines best suited to your palate.

When you complete the quiz, simply enter your email and we’ll send you your full wine profile by email, so you can keep it with you for reference. Your profile will contain:

  • The summary of your personal wine profile,
  • Some keywords you can use when ordering wines in a shop or restaurant,
  • A list of 12 wines that you are likely to appreciate, and that we think you should try if you haven’t already tasted all of them
  • A suggestion of grape varieties that suit your wine profile

Ready to get started? Simply answer the 6 questions below and we’ll tell you about your unique taste profile.

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