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You don't need a wine education...

For every wine love, there comes a time when you really get into your wines. You realise just how vast the world of wine really is and you want to know more.

You want to learn to enjoy the world of wine, but you don’t really want a whole education:

- Surely there must be courses out there that won’t feel like going back to school? 

- Or courses that teach you a few practical bits of knowledge that will help you navigate the world of wine and explore more easily?

The Keys of Wine Knowledge is a fun, down to earth video course created for beginners (or those who know a few basics).

In just under an hour, you'll discover the often overlooked must-knows that will change your whole relationship with wine.

A simple video course that will enhance the experience you get with every glass and with every discussion around the subject.


Cyrus Tchahardehi

Wine lecturer, ex director of Burgundian group Boisset.

Cyrus Tchahardehi has been helping wine lovers around the world learn about wine for over 18 years.

As a graduate of the Montagne St Emilion wine college in Bordeaux, and the WSET in London, strengthened by many years representing some of the most prestigious wine estates around the world, Cyrus has an incredible knowledge of the wine world.

In the early 2000s' he focused teaching sommeliers, wine waiters and other wine professionals in Europe and the Middle-East. He then went on to create Vinoa, a business that helped thousands of wine lovers discover and learn about wine.

To date, Cyrus has brought courses to nearly 11,000 wine professionals and enthusiasts all around the world.

He is renowned for his down to earth and passionate approach. His focus has always been to help enhance wine enjoyment and culture. “Wine is for Epicureans” as he says.

In this 1 hour-long video course (broken down into 4, 15 minutes-long videos, not only will you learn must-knows of wine, but you'll discover:

- How knowing the cornerstone varieties will help you choose wine with confidence in any store or restaurant.

- The little-known, simple tasting method that will help you uncover the true quality of a wine.

- The pillars that will enable you to know the style of wine from 4 elements of information on a bottle label.

- A wine tasting approach to enhance your understanding and enjoyment with every glass.

And much more...

The Keys of Wine Knowledge will unlock the world of wine and many of its secrets, like no other course will.

The course is aimed bringing you the knowledge to allow you to quickly boost the pleasure you get enjoying wine and discussing it.

This will help you not only immediately after the course. It will give you the foundations to help you learn more quickly and more easily afterwards.

Best, of all, the course is completely free... Just sign up and get started straight away and over the next week you'll get access to the 4 videos.

In one hour in total, you'll go from wine enthusiast to a great understanding of wine and an enhanced capacity to appreciate and comprehend the wine you drink.

Plus, you'll get a private newsletter each week, packed with bite sized tips and advice to help you discover more of this magnificent world of wine.

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