The Nose and Taste of Wine box: Boost your wine senses.

Your sense of smell and sense of taste are at the core of your appreciation of wine.

When learning about wine, it’s important that you are able to develop both these senses.

Nothing beats breaking down taste and smell into all the different components. You will then be able to appreciate the different elements blended into a wine.

The Nose and Taste of Wine box included in the Art of Wine Course includes:

  • The 3 Primary tastes of wine in powdered form. You simply add these to water following the instructions from our app. You get multiple exercises to hone in on your sense of taste; in isolation of blended as you would get with a wine.
  • Aromas of wine. These scents allow you to develop your sense of smell. Again the app has a multitude of fun exercises for you. From simple games to blind tasting guides which will help you identify grape varieties from the aromas you find in your wine.

You can pre-order the Art of Wine Course (and save over $170) or buy the Nose and Taste of Wine box alone by clicking on the link below:

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