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The Definitive Grape Varieties Course
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Welcome to the Definitive grape varieties course.

This course I believe, is one of our greatest courses, and probably one of the best courses available out there.

Everyone who enjoys wine, one day decides they want to learn more, to understand wine better, so as to enjoy it even more.

The hard truth is that wine is a phenomenally vast subject, there are dozens of countries producing wine, hundreds of thousands of people producing great wine and millions of different wines.

Starting to learn about wine is incredibly intimidating:

  • Where do you start?
  • Do you read books? Go to tastings? Meet Growers? Go to a training course?
  • What is the first thing you need to learn about?

When we created this course, we wanted to offer our students the maximum possible return for their time. The aim was to offer people starting out a solid base so that you can actually go out and enjoy your newly found knowledge.

We created this course to truly hack your wine knowledge.

It is a course that will teach you about the world’s most important grape varieties, those that are found in the vast majority of wines.

The grape varieties you’re going to learn about are actually found in nearly 80% of the wines you’ll find out there in the market.

I hope you enjoy your newly found knowledge quickly and that it brings you the confidence necessary to continue learning about wine.



Cyrus Tchahardehi

Co-founder of