10 Things that happen when you start to learn about wine
Wine is not an easy subject to learn about, but it is not complicated.

If you truly like your wine, you really have to learn about wine.  No need to sign up to a year long course, but an introductory course really will have unbelievable benefits. It’s going to transform your love and understanding of wine in many ways.

Still undecided? Here are the 10 main reasons you need to start learning about wine.

1- Wine becomes easy

Wine feels intimidating, sometimes even inaccessible. But when you learn just a little bit about wine, you’ll immediately be much more at ease with the whole subject.

Discussing it, tasting it, drinking it, ordering it will become a breeze.



2- You’ll love talking about wine

Whether with friends, your parents in law or even wine merchants and sommeliers, you’ll have the confidence to talk about wine and express your opinion. You’ll discuss your preferences, talk about your latest finds and share your favourites.



3-Ordering wine in a restaurant becomes a pleasure

You no longer dread the moment when someone asks “who’s going to choose the wine?” and secretly hope it doesn’t fall on you. And whether you’re at a business lunch or a romantic dinner, you’ll become happy to be the one who takes charge.

When you know about wine, having the chance of choosing a bottle from a restaurant wine list is a joy.

Nothing really beats the satisfaction of choosing a bottle of wine, which you know will delight the table.


4- You’re able to savour the secrets of winesecrets of wine

Dali once said that “he who knows how to taste wine no longer drinks wine, but savours its secrets”.

Nothing could be more true. Once you start noticing the details, you’ll see wine has so much to offer! Things you didn’t notice before come to life and delight you.

You’re able to enjoy wine at a whole new level.

5- Visiting a wine shop feels like going to Disneyland

Choosing a bottle becomes a fantastic journey! You want this bottle, but wait oh… look over there! No, you want that one. Choosing wine in a shop

You’ll bring a bottle for any occasion, and it’ll be always a great one.


6- You’re “The Wine Expert” amongst your friends

become a wine expertYour friends come to you for advice and call you when they need help choosing a bottle.

They’ll call you and ask you for your help when they’re on a date or when they need to select the wine for that all important business lunch.



7- You become a wine explorer

While you may struggle finding a few wines you’re comfortable with today, when you learn about wine you begin a journey.

Discovering unknown grape varieties, special cuvées, biodynamic wines, upcoming regions will be your new passion. And you’ll discover new favourites constantly – you’ll no longer need to stick to three or four of the same boring wines.


8- Wine becomes an everyday passion

Visiting wineries and beautiful wine regions, going to wine fairs, organising wine tasting evenings with friends will be your thing.

You’ll discover places you would never have been to if it wasn’t for wine, and meet people you’d never have crossed path with. What an amazing way to expand your horizon.

9- Food and wine matching will become your hobby

wine and food pairingToday, you may think food and wine pairing is not important. When you learn about wine you quickly understand that it is vital.

Choosing the right wine for the right dish becomes an obsession. How could you ruin the wine with the wrong pairing! You’ll experience stunning culinary experiences and everyone will want to go out for dinner with you to experience the same pleasures.


10- Wine is culture

Wine is culture

You don’t need any of the above points… Learning about wine will enrich you. Wine is more than just a drink…  It is history, it is heritage, it is the work of people, of a land, wine is gastronomy.

This amazing beverage will touch all of your senses to an incredible depth.




Conclusion:  Learning about wine is in itself a wonderful experience. But the best part comes afterwards, when you’ve learned a few basics and these change your love of wine for ever.

Being able to appreciate wine has 2 routes, the first one is learning a few must knows and then experiencing wine regularly to quickly understand this amazing beverage.

The second one is through tasting alone. This is the much longer route; it will require years and years of practice for you to even start understanding the basics.

What about you? Have you learned about wine and had other great benefits? Is there anything you expected and did not see? I’d love to hear your experience; let me know in the comments section below.


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